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Posted on September 13, 2016

Welcome to BMIC-TR-2016

The Brazilian Meeting on Inorganic Chemistry (BMIC) is a biannual scientific conference originated from the National Symposium in Inorganic Chemistry (SNQI), which was an important national event in the Inorganic Chemistry area in Brazil. From its modest beginning, the SNQI took an international profile and became the Brazilian Meeting on Inorganic Chemistry (BMIC) since 1998. Nowadays, BMIC is one of the most important events in the Brazilian Chemical Society and its attendance has grown steadily, including Chemists and related researchers from all continents.

The XVIII Brazilian Meeting in Inorganic Chemistry (BMIC-2016) will be held in parallel with the VII Brazilian Meeting on Rare Earths (TR-2016) from 25 to 30 September, 2016, in São Pedro, SP, Brazil, gathering researchers and students from the areas of Inorganic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry and Rare Earth Chemistry and Physics.

The Brazilian Meeting on Rare Earths (TR, from the Portuguese for Rare Earths, Terras Raras) is a biannual scientific conference concerning specifically Rare Earths. The economic and scientific importance of these elements is growing fast and TR-2016 will highlight recent developments in Science, Technology and applications of Rare Earths and related areas across the globe. The major aim of this International gathering is to facilitate scientific discussions among participants and attempt solutions to global issues pertinent to this area of research.

The two Meeting will be organized at the "Hotel Fazenda Fonte Colina Verde" in the very pleasant and quiet town of São Pedro located in the State of São Paulo, 110 km from the International Airport of Viracopos and 200 km from the Guarulhos International Airport. The strategy of the organization has been to provide a relaxed atmosphere at a comfortable hotel to facilitate contact among participant, thus promoting the exchange of information and fostering future research collaboration.

The Organizing Committee cordially invites you to attend BMIC-TR-2016 and looks forward to see you in São Pedro in 2016.

The complete program will be available soon!

Posted on October 6, 2015